Anglesey & the North Coast of Wales

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I’ve just come back from a few days in North Wales. This was my very first time visiting the country and I’m so pleased I finally had the opportunity to go. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we drove there last week; The feedback I had received from friends and colleagues when I announced I was going wasn’t overly positive (mostly due to the renowned rainy weather, which doesn't make it an obvious summer holiday destination). Yet, from my hours researching the internet and reading guide books, it sounded so wonderful[...]

Happisburgh Beach

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When I moved to Norfolk, I had no idea how beautiful the coastline was. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the region at all. I was offered a job there and relocated quickly without giving it much thought. Looking back, I should have probably done a bit more research as to what I was getting myself into. Luckily it didn’t work out too badly in the end. Norfolk is beautiful; I love the long stretches of sandy beaches,  quintessential British villages, gastro pubs, stunning historic halls… One of my favourite b[...]

A long weekend in Marseille, France

Hello there! I’m back from a lovely weekend in Marseille, France. This was my first holiday with my family in a very long time. My brother, my sister and I all left home years ago and somehow never got round to organising a family holiday since then. We had lots to celebrate; my sister had her graduation ceremony, it was my brother’s birthday and we also celebrated my birthday, which was earlier in May. It’s also Mother’s Day in France next weekend and I won’t be around so this was my opportunity to give mum a hug[...]

When in Rome

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Truth to be told, when Rich first suggested we go to Rome for my birthday, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic. I had been to the eternal city before and although I loved it, I have a loooong list of places where I want to go so I was keen to adventure somewhere new. But then I remembered the hot Mediterranean sun, the gelato, the incredible architecture and I was kinda sold again. What was interesting this time around is that it felt completely different from the previous time I went. Probably because the last time, it was[...]

Get up & Go with Travelodge – Brighton edition

If I had to pick a travel motto, “get up and go” would be a really strong contender. More often than not, I spend too much time thinking and overthinking where I want to go next. My bucket lit is about 50-cities strong so making decisions is not always as straight forward as you’d think; I change my mind at least 5 or 6 times before finally booking somewhere. This year, I definitely want to be more impulsive with my travels and just get up and go! I had a chance to put this new philosophy into practice when the te[...]

A winter walk at Brancaster Beach

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Rich and I drove to the North Norfolk coast today. It was a beautiful day so we thought we’d make the most of it with a walk along the beach in Brancaster and a pub lunch. There are lots of great (and fancy) restaurants in this area but we picked the super low-key Jolly Sailors pub. They had the renowned Brancaster mussels on their menu, which I desperately wanted to try. I’m so glad I did; they were delicious. They’re in season until April so you still have a few months to go if you’d like to give them a try? After[...]

Seal spotting at Horsey Beach

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On a cold and icy morning, Rich and I got up early to drive to the beautiful Horsey beach on the Norfolk coast to see if we could spot some seals. There is a colony of Grey seals living there between end of November and early February. They come to the beach to give birth to their babies and hang about a little bit, as the fur of the newborns isn’t waterproof straight away so they can’t go in the water for very long. They just kind of bask in the sun and play on the beach for a few months until they’re ready to go. N[...]

A last look at 2014

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Last day of 2014! Apart from one major low (when we got burgled shortly after my birthday), this year has been a good year for me. I’ve just spent a couple of hours looking back through my archives and I loved being reminded of all the places I’ve been to, the good times I’ve spent with family and friends, the opportunities I was given through the blog… I can’t complain! I always look forward to new years though so I’m super excited about 2015. Bring it on! Are you guys celebrating tonight? if so, have[...]

Norwich at Christmas time

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This is a little bit of a nothing post but I really like these photos I took of Norwich a few days ago and I'm sure my family will enjoy seeing these as they've never come to see me around Christmas time. I was in town running some errands and let's just say I got a little bit snap happy ;-) I can't remember if I've mentioned this on the  blog yet but this is my first Christmas in England so I'm feeling like I have to document everything. I'm ridiculously excited. Let the festivities begin! [...]

Hazelnut crunch and Orange mince pies

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I'm on holiday! I've finished work for the year. Can you believe this? I'm so excited to be getting some time off. I'm still kind of checking emails every now and then, doing little bits here and there but for the most part, I'm staying in my PJs, dancing to Christmas tunes, wrapping gifts and doing epic Christmas film marathons. This is the life and this is GOOD! Do you know what else is good? These awesome orange and hazelnut crunch mince pies I made today! I've adapted the recipe from this one I found on BBC Good Foo[...]