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Exploring Gozo Island

When we initially started researching the Maltese Islands for our holiday, we were torn between basing ourselves in Malta – the biggest island of the archipelago – and Gozo – the second biggest island. The scenery looked equally stunning on both islands but there was something that felt a bit more ‘real’ and slow-paced on Gozo.

A Day in Beautiful Valletta, Malta

One of the main places I wanted to visit during our stay in Malta was Valletta, the capital. Did you know it only measures 600m by 1000m? Yep, it’s rather tiny but it’s packed with gorgeous streets, stunning features such as the famous wood-and-glass balconies and mesmerising sea views.

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We were chatting to a local the night before at a restaurant and he suggested we start from the lowest part of the city (closest to the sea) and then walk our way up towards the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

A long weekend in Paris

A few snaps from when we went to visit my brother and my sister in Paris! Work has been so hectic lately that I’m only just now getting the opportunity to post these photos. 
It was the perfect little weekend away. We started with drinks at a rooftop bar called Le Perchoir.

James Turrell at Houghton Hall