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Summer in Formentera, Spain

Back in June, I was in desperate need of a holiday. I had just gone through a really busy time at work and all I wanted to do was soaking up the sunshine and chilling at the beach all day. A Spanish friend of mine tipped me off on Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands in Spain.

I had read an article about it in a magazine the previous year and it sounded heavenly: secluded white-sanded beaches that looked like they were straight out of a Caribbean postcard, fantastic food scene with lots of fresh seafood, cool boho beach bars, terrific sunsets AND still fairly quiet because not known by as many people as the other Balearic islands (apart maybe from the Italians who seemed to have taken over the place when we were there).

I can now happily report that Formentera looked indeed heavenly. I’m not sure how long it will stay quiet for since it has now become a bit of an it destination,  but I do know that I would love to go back to explore the South.

We stayed in one of the Aviacio apartments in La Savina. The apartments all have beautiful white-washed facades with lovely blue blinds and they overlook the Ses Salines de Formentera Nature Reserve. It was an incredible view to have because some of the salt beds are pink! Add to that some beautiful blood-orange and pink hued sunsets and it is quite a view to have from your window.

We hired some bikes from a local shop and it was such a great way to move around. I absolutely loved biking to go and fill up on goodies at the market or to go to the beach. I think I could get used to a slow-pace island life!

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