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Valentine’s Weekend at Ickworth House, Suffolk

January and February are what I would call my hibernation months. You can usually find me either at work or at home, hiding away from the cold. This involves me being all wrapped up under layers and layers of wooly jumpers, patiently waiting for the warmer days to arrive.
I did make an exception to my hibernation rule last weekend when Richard surprised me with a weekend getaway to celebrate Valentine’s day. I kept on quizzing him throughout the whole drive and only figured it out when I saw the sign to Ickworth when were just a couple of minutes away.
I didn’t actually know they had a hotel, I thought it was just the Rotunda and the rest of the house – and technically it is; the hotel is in one of the wings of the house, which they converted. They did such a good job of modernising the inside of the house while preserving the grandeur and features.
We arrived under the rain on Saturday afternoon and immediately treated ourselves to a leisurely bath in our luxurious bathroom, followed by a nap in what felt like the most comfortable bed I have slept in for a long time. Did I mention the pillows were the fluffiest? It was hard to pull ourselves out to adventure downstairs. But the promise of prosecco helped.
Seeing the menu to Frederick’s also helped! It’s the restaurant inside the hotel. The food was absolutely delicious!
On Sunday, we borrowed some wellies from reception and set out to explore the parc and gardens of the 1,800 acres estate. We got extremely lucky with a sudden outpouring of sunshine. Sadly we couldn’t visit the rotunda because it’s closed until March but we got to see all of the outside and it is such a stunning building. I can’t wait to go back!
Reception said you could get bikes from them so I’ll most definitely try that next time, as well as the swimming pool, and the spa!
This weekend was exactly what I needed.
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