James Turrell at Houghton Hall

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I first discovered James Turrell when Richard and I went to New York a few years ago. Turrell had taken over the Guggenheim museum to show his work, Aten Reign. I remember it because the installation he had created filled the iconic rotunda of the building. I don’t know how to describe it; there were several elliptical rings of different shades of light. You could only really take it in from the below, looking up. It was a bit like looking at a spaceship, very surreal. 
When I heard Turrell would be back, this time in Norfolk, I knew I had to have a look. His new exhibition is called LightScape. It’s on until 24th October at Houghton Hall in North Norfolk. He’s got several installations all over the estate, including some in the hall itself. My favourite was Skyspace, which is basically a room with a large hole in the ceiling, opening directly to the sky. The sky on that day was the perfect shade of blue and I absolutely loved the wooden material used for the room, as well as the white on the ceiling around the hole. It just felt so serene and relaxing. I could do with a room like that at home! But the show-stopper to me was the illumination of the entire facade of the hall. You can only see it on Fridays and Saturdays at dusk so do keep that in mind when you’ll plan your visit. I highly recommend staying in the evening and bringing a blanket, a picnic hamper and a bottle of fizz to watch the show. 
If art is not your thing, Houghton is still well worth a visit. I can’t believe I had never been before. Deers roaming freely on the grounds, magical manicured gardens, beautiful historic rooms (I fell in love with their Stone Hall)… Did I mention they have an Instagram competition going on to find the best picture of their gardens? 
More information about the exhibition and how to get prices can be found on the Houghton Hall website.


  • Megan Denton
    26th August 2015

    That is an absolutely gorgeous picture of you on the lawn!!!! Frame it immediately. You fit in perfectly well with the scenery

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  • Simona Neupauerová
    29th August 2015

    What a beautiful place dear and your dress is just gorgeous! 🙂

  • Petra
    31st August 2015

    wonderful photos. what a place…

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