Portmeirion, Wales

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One of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Wales was to visit Portmeirion, which I had discovered online a while back through Monica’s blog, The Travel Hack. It’s like being in Italy, except you’re in Wales. I found the concept intriguing. The entire village was designed and built by Architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. He loved Italy and was desperate to recreate the atmosphere of Mediterranean villages. It took him 50 years before he finally deemed the village complete. Today thousands of visitors stroll its streets every year. You have to pay to get in of course (£10) but it’s worth every penny. 


Have you been to Portmeirion before? What did you think? 
  • The History Anorak
    29th July 2015

    I was lucky enough to be able to stay there once. I had a room in Bridge House (that's the pale yellow Georgian looking one behind the pink one with the dome) It really is magical.

  • Courtney Lang
    29th July 2015

    This town is so cute!! I can't believe that it's in Wales and not in Italy!


  • Patricia G.
    3rd August 2015

    Wow, this place is amazing!!! I love so much the pics!

  • Denina Martin
    4th August 2015

    Please, excuse me for the comment, but are you kidding me? Is this really in Wales? I can't believe it! I've never been there, but I imagined it's not much different to England… Maybe I should definitely visit in future! 🙂 Great photography by the way!


  • Valerie
    4th August 2015

    YES! I know, it's unbelievable! You should definitely go if you get a chance. But don't expect the rest of the country to look like that. It looks beautiful but in a completely different kind of way. This part of Wales in particular is all about castles and a stunning coast line. xx

  • Valerie
    5th August 2015

    Oh wow! Lucky you 🙂 I'd love to do that one day. Xx

  • Marie Away
    13th August 2015

    Amazing! I would never think that Wales could look like this—it really does channel an Italy vibe. Beautiful photos!

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