Happisburgh Beach

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When I moved to Norfolk, I had no idea how beautiful the coastline was. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the region at all. I was offered a job there and relocated quickly without giving it much thought. Looking back, I should have probably done a bit more research as to what I was getting myself into. Luckily it didn’t work out too badly in the end. Norfolk is beautiful; I love the long stretches of sandy beaches,  quintessential British villages, gastro pubs, stunning historic halls…
One of my favourite beaches is in Happisburgh. I’ve blogged about it before; it’s the beach by the cute candy-striped lighthouse. You can’t miss it. When you get to the beach, walk towards the left hand side and you’ll find a few quiet coves. I like it better than the main stretch of the beach because it is a bit more secluded. It’s perfect if you want to have a picnic or take a nap. Come early to secure the best spots!





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