Seal spotting at Horsey Beach

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On a cold and icy morning, Rich and I got up early to drive to the beautiful Horsey beach on the Norfolk coast to see if we could spot some seals. There is a colony of Grey seals living there between end of November and early February. They come to the beach to give birth to their babies and hang about a little bit, as the fur of the newborns isn’t waterproof straight away so they can’t go in the water for very long. They just kind of bask in the sun and play on the beach for a few months until they’re ready to go. Not a bad life if you ask me.
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We had never been to Horsey before so we didn’t know what to expect. I thought we’d only see the seals from far away but we were super lucky, as one of them decided to be adventurous and come a little closer! You can’t touch them of course but don’t they look super soft and adorable? 


  • Sophie Mérut
    4th January 2015

    Ils sont trop mignoooons

  • Mummy B Blog UK Family Lifestyle
    4th January 2015

    I really want to take my little munchkin to see the seals! Keep meaning to go every year!

    Kay| xxx

  • Megan Denton
    5th January 2015

    They look so smiley in the pictures hahaha. Such a cool thing to see (even though it looks freezing!)

  • sha pete
    5th January 2015

    omg I was watching some baby seals on a documentary yesterday, couldn't handle the cuteness. can't imagine if I get to see them in real life! such a happy adventure 🙂 x

  • miho
    5th January 2015

    oh this is just too adorable – they are beautiful! x

  • Mary
    5th January 2015

    This is my ideal day out! Sooo darn cute and comical looking. If I lived nearer I would be there in a shot 🙂


  • Chrystin Gloria
    5th January 2015

    Those sea lions might be the cutest thing I've ever seen! Look at the face! Strangely enough, it kind of reminds me of my dog haha xx

  • Dana
    7th January 2015

    Oh my goodness how cute!! As you wrote, I was surprised to see you were able to get such a good, close view at them! I've only seen them from further away. Now I know where to go! 😀

    7th January 2015

    Awwww… I just love these photos. This post definitely made my day. Those seals are so darn photogenic lol.

  • red letter day(e)
    13th January 2015

    Oh my lord, how adorable!

  • Sustainable and the City
    28th January 2015

    seals!! these photos make me so happy.

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