Champagne + Fromage in Covent Garden

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I need to tell you about that time I spent a decadent afternoon sipping champaign and tasting various cheeses at a quaint little French bistro in Covent Garden. It was as parfait as it sounds. A lovely treat after a lazy Sunday shopping and Christmas gift-spotting around London (I know, I’m an early bird this year). 

The bistro is called Champagne + Fromage and, well I think you can guess what they specialise in; they stock 25 award-winning French champagnes as well as over 30 different types of cheeses, all from my home country. The bistro itself is very pretty and cosy with wooden floors, rustic-style tables, a big blackboard and a big cheese fridge. Clearly, this is a place after my own heart.

Upon arrival, Rich and I were greeted with a list of their champagnes as well as a menu. They have 5 cheese boards, which is what we had come for, as we wanted to try a few different cheeses. You can also order some of the famous French classics like a baked camembert, snails de Bourgogne or an onion soup for example. 

The cheese boards on the menu are based on types of cheeses: pasteurised, strong, cow, ewe and goat. But you also have the option to pop by their cheese fridge to pick what you’d like to try. That’s the option we went for, as I already knew some of the cheeses on the other boards. We explained to the staff the kind of cheeses that we liked and they then advised us on which ones to try. 

We picked the Bleu de chèvre, which was served with cherries (such a good combo – can’t wait to try it again for one of my Apero Fridays), the Gros SainteMaure (pretty sure they sprinkled lavender flowers on top, although you couldn’t really taste it) and the Olivet cendré,  which came with some sort of jelly jam cubes. All were really tasty but my favourite one was the blue cheese. That’s no surprise really, as I’ve never met a blue cheese I didn’t like. 

To accompany our cheeses, we had bread (of course) and a bottle of the house champagne, which did not disappoint. I can be a little difficult when it comes to champagne but this one went down really well.

All in all, we had a lovely time and I really can’t recommend this place enough. In fact, the first thing I told Rich after we left was: we’ll have to come back. Seal of approval from a Frenchi! This has got to count for something, right?

TIP: If you just want a cheese board and a bottle of champagne, book through the website Lime & Tonic. It’s a new concept site that sells “experiences”. The offer available costs £25 per person and includes a cheese board of your choice as well as a bottle of the house champagne. This is a really good deal, as a glass of the house champagne costs £10 and you easily get 2 or 3 glasses each (if you’re just 2 people). 

À bientôt my friends!

Champagne + Fromage. 22 Wellington Street. Covent Garden. London. WC2E 7DD

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