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A rainy autumn day in Cambridge

Turns out Cambridge is pretty, even in the rain! Did you know that?
Last Saturday was gloomy, cold and frankly quite depressing-looking but one of my really good friends was staying over for the weekend and was really keen to discover this city. At first we weren’t quite sure whether this was worth a day-trip considering the weather but I’m so glad we took a chance because there is plenty to do, even in the rain. The city looked as beautiful and grand as always. If anything, the grey weather made it look even more dramatic and interesting. We had fun wandering around, strolling through the cobbled-stoned alleyways, getting lost in the Fitzwilliam museum and we also had coffee at Fitzbillies, which you absolutely must stop by if you’re in town. 

So if one day you’re wondering whether you should go on that day trip because the weather isn’t great, the answer is… YES!

And here are 5 things you should do while you’re there:

1. Spend a couple of hours at the Fizwilliam museum. Even if you’re not into art, the building itself is stunning and worth checking out.

2. Pop by Fitzbillies for a light lunch, coffee or afternoon tea. It’s a Cambridge institution! It looks quite small from the outside but they have lots of space at the back with tables. Did I mention the window is packed with treats from chelsea buns to macarons? This will make you hungry.

3. Visit the main colleges. My favourite is St John’s but you should definitely do a tour of Trinity and King’s College too. It made me want to go back to class and change entirely careers and do something science-related just so I can study there. Sadly for me, I was absolutely useless at Sciences when I was in school so that’s probably never going to happen. 

4. Stroll through the Backs. This is the area by the river cam just behind the main colleges. It’s probably at its best during Spring time but well worth a look at during Autumn time with the leaves are changing colours and all the tourists and students are punting on the river. It’s a lovely walk to take.

5. Don’t miss out on a little bit of shopping. You’ll want to head to Trinity street, King’s Parade and take the smaller streets like Rose Crescent and Green street, where you’ll find smaller independent shops. This would be a great place to go to and do some Christmas shopping. (hint hint)

0 Responses
  • Jessica Edmunds
    26 . 11 . 2014

    You look gorgeous, I love your outfit! I have actually never visited so had no idea there were notable places for shopping xxx


  • Raza H
    26 . 11 . 2014

    So many gorgeous pictures in one post! Cambridge really is beautiful even in the rain. Love your outfit, as well!

    Raza from http://www.thetravelixir.com

  • Marla Rogers
    27 . 11 . 2014

    Stunning pictures! It looks glorious in the rain and also I love your outfit!

  • Megan Denton
    30 . 11 . 2014

    This post makes my heart happy I love it. How green is that grass and how cute are those bikes.

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