Colonia Sant Jordi beaches, Mallorca

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I can’t recommend enough hiring a car in Mallorca if you’re keen to explore the island. We hired one for 3 days and the first place we drove to was Colonia Sant Jordi, which is the resort where Playa Es Trenc is. Es Trenc is probably one of the most famous beaches in Mallorca because of the amazing colour of the water. It’s also where they make the Flor De Sal that I talked about in yesterday’s post.

We parked at the resort and walked all the way to Es Trenc. It’s actually quite a nice walk. You get to go past the sea salt beds, pine trees and through several sandy beaches before finally reaching Es Trenc. Unfortunately for us, the sky got really cloudy and it was really windy when we finally reached it. I was cold and rather annoyed about it but Rich managed to calm me down by taking me out for a lovely lunch back at the resort. By the time we were done with our pa amb oli (bread with oil served with tomatoes, serrano ham and lots of other local goodness), the sun had finally decided to make an appearance. We decided to walk back to the beach and eventually stopped somewhere along the way where the water was pretty much the same colour than at Es Trenc. It was fairly quiet around so it was like having the whole beach to ourselves! 

How gorgeous is this place? 
  • Aleksandra Love Street Fashion
    1st October 2014

    OH GOD! How beautiful is that! What a fantastic view.

    (probably I'm so excited because here in Warsaw we haven't seen sun since last friday 😉 )

    Greetings from Poland
    Aleksandra | Love Street Fashion

  • Lucy P
    2nd October 2014

    What beautiful photos. It's a shame you had some bad weather, food always makes up for these things though 🙂 xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

  • Tee
    2nd October 2014

    I am extremely jealous of these photos at the moment because, like Aleksandra, Berlin has been pretty grey! Love the clouds in these photos. x

    Tee | Rotten One

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