Ses Salines, Mallorca

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On our way back from Playa Es Trenc in the South East of the island, we stopped by a delightfully quaint little town called Ses Salines. What caught my eye there was the colours of the houses, which were all in various shades of orange and yellow, with large green doors and blinds. It was like a labyrinth of colourful narrow lanes with a main street running through the middle and terraced cafes and boutiques along on the sides. It was really fun to ditch the maps and just wander around soaking up the lazy atmosphere. It’s very easy-going and exactly what you’d expect a small Mediterranean town to be like. While we were there, we discovered a bunch of really cool places. Here are some addresses I would definitely recommend you to stop by if one day you’re in the area.

Cassai  – I had heard great reviews about the food. It was late afternoon when we went so too early for dinner but we ordered a mandarin sorbet and 2 glasses of their sangria. The sorbet was absolutely delicious and went down a treat as it was really hot on that day. I wish we had had more time so we could have come back for dinner. The courtyard is stunning and I can’t imagine how romantic it must be with candles on the tables at night. 

Cassai’s decoration shop (just in front of the restaurant) – It was like Ali Baba’s cave in there! Full of treasures and gorgeous furniture and accessories. Too bad we were limited with space and weight for our suitcases! They had this really stunning mirror I fell in love with, shabby chic furniture, beautiful lamp shades…etc. If you’re into home décor, you must stop by! 

Cassai Gourmet – I know it sounds like they’re all called the same thing. Actually, they’re probably run by the same person but I’m not entirely sure. Cassai Gourmet is the main place where you can buy Flor de Sal (salt), which is made locally in Es Trenc. They sell the regular ones and a selection of scented ones. If you bring back one thing from Mallorca, this should be it. I bought one of each scent! We have Flor de Sal in France as well, it’s made in the north, and it really flavours your food in a different way than coarse salt. I love it.

I hope this was useful. If you’re in Ses Salines you obviously want to make sure you go to Es Trenc or one of the nearby beaches. The other great option is to drive to Cap de Ses Salines, which I’ve heard is absolutely stunning although I haven’t had a chance to actually go there. Hopefully next time! 

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