Beach weekend

I’ve been really fed up with the weather lately. It’s been cold, grey, rainy and windy (all at the same time), which is definitely not the way I like my summers to be. Funny fact: my parents and my sister visited over the weekend and they were all wearing coats. My sister even wore gloves! I know, I know… it’s not been that cold but still colder than what they’re used to (and to be fair, probably colder than I’ll ever get used to). 

On Saturday we took a risk and decided to go to the beach despite the terrible weather forecast. I’m glad we did because we miraculously escaped the various showers that broke throughout the day! All in all, I’d even say it was a lovely day. This is Felixstowe by the way if you’re wondering. Rich grew up not far from here and although it’s not the most exciting place in the region, this has some kind of special meaning to us. Plus, I always hear Felixstowe has got some kind of micro-climate (a sunnier one).

Now I’ve got a question for those of you who know a little bit the East of England. Where are your favourite beaches? Norfolk or Suffolk. 

  • chantal marie
    14th July 2014

    Wow! They whole time i was looking at the pics I was thinking "what beautiful weather." So funny that it has been yucky! Glad you guys got some nice weather at the beach!

  • Christine D. | The Plumed Nest
    16th July 2014

    funny the last time we went to the beach it was raining in portland and sunny at the beach (i think portland and england have very similar weather), it was almost a miracle, that never happens! these photos are so idyllic, looks beautiful.

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