Wednesday, June 25, 2014

{Style Picks} Summer Sandals

I’ve never been a huge fan of flip flops, wedges and other high heeled shoes during summer time (or any season for that matter). I much prefer flat sandals or sandals with a small heel. Every year, I like to treat myself to a couple of new pairs. I say “treat” because I don’t mind spending a little bit more money than I'd usual spend on a pair of shoes since I know I will be wearing them every day for the whole season (and hopefully longer). The key is to pick a pair that’s stylish, fairly simple but with an interesting detail and more importantly a pair that fits  you well and is comfortable! It’s difficult sometimes when you shop online to know whether or not it’s going to be one of these annoying shoes that hurt. Anything with a thin leather strap usually tends to be a pain unless it fits really well with the shape of your foot. As an overall rule, I’d say give them a try in store, think about it (especially if you’re planning on spending more money than usual) and then hunt for sales online ;-)

Here is a roundup of my favourites sandals at the moment: (clockwise) K. Jacques buffon metallic sandals, Dolce Vita fiaba flat sandals, See by Chloe lucite sandals, K. Jacques lydia sandals, Sam Edelman trina sandals and Ancient Greek Sandals ismene sandals

The list is likely to keep growing so make sure you follow my Style Picks board on Pinterest to keep track of my latest loves. 

Which one(s) do you like the most? What will you go-to shoe be this summer? 


  1. I've been finding it hard to shop for sandals this season but your selection has got me inspired! x

  2. All of them are wonderful, good job dear!:)

  3. Love sandals of this kind! Nothing can balance better comfort&style!
    p.s I follow you now on social nets!

  4. sandals are a summer staple! i always have a hard time finding super comfy ones though..


  5. these are all really great picks. i actually just bought two pairs that look very similar to these styles at target - both leather and under 20 dollars. i was pretty excited!


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