Thursday, June 12, 2014

{Paris} Exploring Le Marais

On Sunday we made our way to Le Marais, which is one of my favourite areas in Paris. It's great for shopping, grabbing a coffee and meandering around. We started the day with a lazy brunch at La Boheme, rue de Turenne. It's the cutest little place and the food was SO good. Damn, I wish I could go back.

We then went basking in the sun on the Place des Vosges. It's a beautiful garden with a lot of grass for you to lounge on, fountains and arcades packed with galleries and cafes including the famous patisserie Carette. What caught our attention was one of the fountains that had somehow been filled up with soap. There were bubbles everywhere and well I couldn't resist going for a play!

When people realised what was going on, the fountain was kind of mobbed by kids so we decided to flee the crowds and go explore the quaint little streets nearby.

A lovely Sunday morning in Paris! 



  1. I just went to Paris too last week, love that place! And really good pictures from there :D :D

    1. Aw thank you! Hope you had a fab time too :) xx

  2. In love with these photos ! I´m going to Paris in August.


  3. Gorgeous photos! I especially love #6 with the building and the blue sky. Lovely composition and depth of perspective! X Jane

  4. These are all stunning. The colors are so vibrant! The sixth one down is my favorite though! Also you and your boo are so cute together :]

    Marla @ A Weekend Crossing


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