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Berry picking

It’s berry season, me dears! Time for fruity ice creams, lush pies and wonderful jams. There’s this local PYO (pick-your-own) farm not too far from where we live so we headed there this weekend to stock up on goodies. I’m eyeing this mint infused strawberry ice cream recipe in particular which I’m hoping will taste as delicious as it sounds (and looks). More on that later! 

What have you all been up to this weekend? 


  1. How fun!!! and your outfit is just perfect for berry picking!! so cute!!

  2. J'adore récolter les fruits du jardin, mais j'ai du mal à résister au fait de les manger sur place!

    1. haha pareil pour moi ! Je sais que c'est pas bien mais je grignotais en meme temps ;-)

  3. Jolies photos! Et jolie tenue par la même occas'!

  4. So nice!! Love so much your dungaree!

  5. I too did berry picking. I did it just once but it was so much fun! Fresh fruits from the farm are always the best!
    And your outfit is best for berry picking, too! Cute!
    Valerie, I wish you a fabulous weekend!

    Would you like to use those berries maybe for a cheesecake along with some of your ice-cream creation!? I've got a really yummy cheesecake recipe on my blog
    Have a look! :-)

  6. AW I'd love to do this ! cute pics !

  7. This looks so fun and the colors in your pictures are beautiful!

  8. i seem to be the only person in my house that thinks picking berries is fun . . . maybe if i show them these pictures they will change their minds. ps i love your little jumper!

  9. Lovely overalls! xoxo


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