Getaway: The Golden Circle, Iceland

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Photos by my friend E. Guenzi, Rich and myself.
Wearing: Topshop boots, H&M Leggings, BDG parka and Topshop hat.
When the weekend came, we set off on a road trip to the South West of Iceland. There is this popular tour called “the golden circle” (don’t ask me why); it’s essentially a long scenic drive with three main stops:

1. Thingvellir national park where you get to walk right between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.
2. Gullfoss waterfall. This was one of the most impressive we’ve seen during our whole trip I think. You could hear it before you could even see it and it was so windy that it kind of felt dangerous to be so closed to it as well. 
3. Geysir and Strokkur geysers. This was my favourite part of the tour because we don’t have geysers in England or in France. It was very funny because all the tourists would gather around the great geyser (the biggest one), waiting for it to erupt (it hurls boiling water up in the air every few minutes) and you’d suddenly hear the click click click of the cameras and “oooohh” or “aaaah” of everyone. It was all finished within seconds though so people would stay around holding their cameras ready to photograph the next one. The colours of the hot springs were beautiful varying from blue to green. I didn’t quite manage to capture exactly what I was seeing but I hope the photos give you an idea.

My friend had a car so we were very lucky not to be dependent on tourist buses. We could stop whenever we wanted and take as long as we wanted. It was a lot more fun this way. If you can rent a car, don’t hesitate go for it! 
  • miho
    10th May 2014

    wow – that last photo blows me away! and the one with you and Rich with your arms around each other is beautiful. what a stunning place – it looks almost unreal. i need to visit here asap! x

  • Jeanne
    13th May 2014

    Tes photos sont époustouflantes! C'est comme si on y était, le froid en moins! 😉 Un vrai talent pour la photographie!

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