Getaway: Road trip in Iceland

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Photos by my friend E. Guenzi, Rich and myself.
I love road trips. Put me in a car with nice people, snacks and a gorgeous setting and I’m happy. On our third day on the island, we decided to go south to explore. Our final destination was the little village of Vik where you can see black sanded beaches. I haven’t included photos of this part in this post as I think it deserves a post of its own. It was just so beautiful.

For today, I’m showing you what we saw on our way there: gorgeous waterfalls (we even walked behind one!), rainbows, endless fields of moss, volcanic rocks, pretty horses and incredible canyons. 

I’ve never been a wilderness type of girl. I like cities. Concrete buildings, towers, pavement, the sound of cars. I’ve adapted pretty well to quaint little charming towns in England but I’d like to think I remain a city girl at heart. Going on this road trip was like a big adventure to me. This was so different from any countryside landscape I had ever seen before. You don’t see a lot of grass or trees, it’s all rocks with moss on it and the colours keep changing depending on whether it’s been raining or not. It’s a forever changing setting. What I loved the most about this trip is that it felt like being in Jurassic Park (somehow). I kept imagining dinosaurs at every corner. Surely this must have been what it looked like when they were there, right? This looks so untouched and you can go miles without seeing a living soul. I’m glad my friend knew her way around cuz I would have probably been a little bit scared if that was just Rich and I exploring on our own! 
  • Andrea
    12th May 2014

    Your pictures are amazing!! I want to go Iceland so bad. I hope I get around to it some time this summer!!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • miho
    13th May 2014

    what beautiful photos. it's a totally different world! i've actually never been on a proper roadtrip but would love love love to. xx

  • MontgomeryFest
    13th May 2014

    wait. hold up. i love your blog. and your photos.. and your ring in that first shot…

  • Diane
    13th May 2014

    Très beau !

  • Valerie
    13th May 2014

    Thanks Andrea! I hope you get to go too. You'll love it 🙂 xx

  • Valerie
    13th May 2014

    Aw thank you so much. It's not actually me in the first photo though; it's my friend. I'll ask her whereabouts she got the ring from 😉 xx

  • Sophie Blandhor
    14th May 2014

    Magnifique! J'ai rarement vu qqch d'aussi beau!

  • Polina
    14th May 2014

    C'est franchement à couper le souffle. Je suis épatée, très, très sincèrement. Je comprends mieux pourquoi les paysages islandais me fascinent tant depuis que je suis petite, sans parler de leur mythologie !

  • Courtney
    14th May 2014

    Incredible photos! This looks like such a stunning place. I want to take a road trip here!!

  • lucent imagery
    16th May 2014

    Ah, you've been on your trip! How incredible is it? I think I will never forget our adventures in that stunning country.

  • Valerie
    18th May 2014

    It felt so surreal like you were on the set of a film or something! I loved it 🙂

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