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The Pashley Bike

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I have a new obsession: Pashley bikes! I'll take any make really as long as the bike has a cute little basket at the front. I picked Pashley because they're so quintessentially British; I can just imagine everyone in Oxford or Cambridge riding them. I'm pretty sure all the bikes in the photos above aren't all Pashley ones but you see what I mean.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve developed these visions of myself riding a pastel-coloured (or black) bike with a basket full of baguettes and whatever seasonal fruits & vegetables I found at my local farmer’s market. I ride it in quaint English village streets (or in Paris), next to fields of lavender in the countryside or simply by the seaside. I’m wearing mirrored sunglasses and my favourite striped stress. My hair is flowing in the wind. I have the biggest smile and I’m having fun. Here I am daydreaming again… [Pinterest is great for that, isn’t it? It inspires you and keeps you daydreaming; it’s such an amazing feeling]. But then you look at the price of the Pashley bikes and you find out they cost between £500-£700 and you’re like whaaatttt? Why are you doing this to me Pinterest?  

I refuse to let go of my bike crush just yet though as I’m sure many of you love these bikes too. Also, I forgot to mention the other not-so-dreamy part of the story, which is that I do actually need a bike to commute to work and exercise as I can't seem to find the time or energy to do it any other time.

So guys if you own a  Pashley bike or a similar one and that you haven’t paid an astronomical amount for it, please let me know whereabouts you got yours from. Any stories or tips you can share with me would be greatly appreciated! 


  1. so funny you mentioned the cute little basket because all i could think when i was looking at the pics was "ohh i love the basket!!". haha im such a girl!

  2. beautiful shots and locations. I can't get in enough bike rides this Spring.

    Colour Me Classic

  3. I daydream the same thing, Val, and Pinterest definitely doesn't help! Bikes by Public are pretty popular on this side of the pond. I might get one this weekend because they're having a sale!

  4. god, this really IS adorable. i'd feel so ridiculously girly riding around in one of these- now if only i could learn to ride in the city ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. beautiful photos.I need a new bike for spring.

  6. Beautiful photos! I love your bike, my bike is so old :(

  7. Bikes in general weren't really on my radar before reading this, but now I think I'm going to have to dedicate a whole board on pinterest to them! Lovely photos :)

    Rachel | AMomentInTime.

  8. These Pashley bicycles are SO cute! I just did a bicycle roundup on my blog and I wish I had seen these...I want one for myself now!




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