Sunday Notes

First Sunday Notes of March! Can you believe it? 2014 has been pretty full on so far with a move to a new house and a trip to New York. The month ahead is looking pretty fun too with a long weekend in London to celebrate Rich’s birthday.

Most of our weekends so far have been spent unpacking and trying to make our new house a home that really represents who we are. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s our first unfurnished house so there’s been a lot of flea markets, antique shops & furniture shop hopping. I’m surprised by how into it Rich is. He’s been actively researching décor stuff online and dragging me to all sorts of shops. Luckily we’ve got very similar tastes so I’m loving working with him on this little project.

At the moment, we’re trying to find a shade of paint from Farrow & Ball that we could use to paint the legs of our table (the one you can see on the photo). They’re from a slightly different colour than the table top. They’ve been sanded and we’re going for a shabby chic look. But now the question is: which colour to go for? Who knew they were that many shades of white and greys?! Any suggestion?


  1. i'm drawn to grey tones like a moth to a flame at the moment! I'm so into home decorating and sprucing- the sight of that paint chart sends me into a tizz.

  2. i like the grayish-blue color :) be sure and let us know what you decide and how it turns out!!