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Weekend scenes

Looking back at these photos it seems like all I’ve done this weekend is eating and drinking... Sardines & rocket bruschettas, buttery scones, galette des rois… Not on the photos but tried & tested: watermelon margaritas, kusmi detox tea and purple smoothies (blueberries, cucumber, apples and grapes). Luckily for me I haven’t put eating super duper healthy on my new year’s resolutions list otherwise I would have failed already!

Despite all the amazing food action going on at home, we did actually leave the house a couple of times to check out an exhibition at our local arts centre, enjoy a walk hand in hand and do some shopping in town. Have I ever mentioned we always have the most random shopping lists every time we hit the stores over the weekend?  Like a tea diffuser, fizzy water and bin bags. People must really wonder what on earth we’re plotting. Or not.

In any case, the cold, windy and rainy weather (yup, all at the same time) forced us to retreat back to our cocoon fairly quickly. All I wanted was a lovely wood fire in a beautiful chimney, s’more tea, a blanket, Pinterest and a film (or two). We don’t actually have a chimney so I cosied up with my hot boyfriend instead. Can’t complain.

What a wonderful relaxing weekend! Off to London today for work. I love a day out of the office every now and then so looking forward to it!

What about you, how was your weekend? Any plans for the coming week?


  1. Really diggin what you have been posting here lately. Id love to see you continue with much more of this. Bookmarked!
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  2. Lovely pictures.. I've been eating all weekend too.
    have a great week ahead


  3. Sounds like an ideal weekend to me! Cuddled up in pajamas- that's what I did as well, however it was sunny and 75 where I live making me incredibly lame.

    Happy Monday!




    1. Ha! Sometimes you've got to indulge no matter what the weather's like ;-) xx

  4. i am actually in love with those "cafe de luxe" mugs. are they yours??

    sounds like a blissful weekend, and oh the food. it's making me hungry. x

    1. yes! It was a gift from my sister for Christmas. I'll ask her where she got them from :) x

  5. That jacket!! Its so nice to have the opportunity to connect with others over food, or even have quiet time and coffee. They make for wonderful weekends!

  6. lovely, lovely, lovely pics!



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