Sunday Notes

G'morning me dears! Work has been pretty hectic this past week, hence the lack of posts on the blog but I'm not forgetting my resolution to blog more. It's very much at the forefront of my mind. Along with a few other things like… our move to a new house at the end of the month

I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog before but Rich and I were looking for a slightly bigger home with a guest room for when we have friends and family coming over and we also wanted a garden cuz you know we just love grilling things on the barbecue or lounging on the grass whenever the UK decides to gratify us with a day of sunshine or two. 

We found a house we really liked back in December. It's now been confirmed to us that we're all good to go and that we can move in at the end of the month! How exciting is that? 

What's even more exciting (or scary, I'm not sure yet) is that it's an unfurnished home, our very first one. So lots of furniture shop hopping in sight. We didn't want to waist time so we road-tripped to Ikea yesterday (the closest one is about 2 hours away from where we live) and spent our day picking a new bed, a couch, a wardrobe and a few other pieces of furniture we absolutely need when moving in. It'll be a fairly empty house at first though with probably a lot of "living out of a suitcase" for a while. It should be quite fun. I'm already imagining our first night, eating takeaway on the floor, boxes everywhere and some bubbles to celebrate. The reality of it will probably not be that pretty but I'm looking forward to it nevertheless.

By the way, I got to try Ikea's famous swedish meatballs!! They were served with gravy, peas and mashed potatoes so I'm not too sure what's swedish about them but they were surprisingly good. Just what we needed after hours or exploring (read getting lost in) the gigantic shop. 

Today the plan is to check out a few more furniture shops and maybe flea markets and antiques shops to find a few more pieces that have strong bones that we could sand, paint and give a second life to. I've never taken on any projects like these before so if you have any advice, please do leave me a comment or email me at

Now enough about me, how is 2014 treating you so far? Any fun things planned for the weekend?


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    1. Thanks! We're very excited :) xx

  2. OMG, decorating and furnishing the house must be so fun! Enjoy! For this year, I plan to finally get my driver's license! :)

  3. Wow can i say i LOVE your design! I am redesigning my blog at the moment and have taken a lot of inspiration from your homepage now!
    Hope you dont mind? :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    I love yours!

    Mollie xoxo

    1. Aw thanks! Yes, that's fine by me. Are you redesigning your blog yourself? I'd love to make some changes to that one as it's a template I've downloaded and i want to personalise it. xx


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