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Sunday Notes

Hello first weekend of 2014!

This first week has gone by so quickly! Richard and I flew back to England on Monday to celebrate the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 on the British coast. In case you were wondering, it involved wood fires, gifts, more gifts, mini tacos, margaritas and fireworks. And rain, lots of it, but this is England we’re talking about so I guess that’s acceptable. We drove back home the day after as we both had to work on Thursday. This two-day workweek wasn’t too bad though as it was fairly quiet in the office; I got time to sort through emails and the other lark you do when you get back from holidays (like drinking endless cups of coffee trying to stay awake the whole day, writing down appointments, call conferences & co in your new diary, catching up with colleagues in the kitchen while waiting for the kettle to boil and making to-do lists…).

This weekend, I’m taking it easy. So far it’s involved, cups of Kusmi detox tea (exactly what I need after my Christmas marathon), a film (Flight, with Denzel Washington – SO good!) and a walk in town wearing my new Barbour jacket & hunter boots. After braving what felt like a storm, we came back  to the warmth and comfort of our home to make a Galette des Rois (or "king's cake" – you can read about it on this post I wrote last year) as per the French tradition for Epiphany. 

What about you guys, what have you been up so far?

I’ve stumbled across some pretty cool stuff online this week and thought I’d gather my favourites links here for you. Let me know the ones you like the most and what caught your eyes in the blogosphere this week! 

- If resolutions aren't your things, how about this

- The great thing about Pinterest is that it allows you to discover amazing websites like this one (it's in French). The recipes look absolutely divine! I'm planning on trying this one, this one and that one.

- I found the most perfect colour block coat while browsing Who What Wear. Anyone knows where it's from? 

- I'm falling in love every week a bit more with La Designerie Journal, a blog with some incredible photography. Natalie's photos of the Provence region on France were absolutely stunning. This is the kind of photos I'd love to take one day. 

- I've been craving beach walks this week and this would totally be the outfit I'd wear (+ a zillion layers as it's way too cold here in England for a simple denim shirt!)


  1. Happy new year. I hope you had lovely holidays! Your post made me smile a little since I've been drinking my Kusmi Detox tea for the past few days too. Definitely what's needed after the holidays! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  2. Ooh a Barbour coat! I tried some when we were in London in October, but as it was all winter stock, I couldn't see that I'd ever wear it here in Australia. Now that I know my size, I will await the summer stock. We're all heading back into routine today as the offices open again. Sad to have the holidays over but it means the goodness of the year's goals can begin too.


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