Amsterdam: Boats & Bikes

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I fell in love with Amsterdam
And I’ve got to thank the blogging community for that (partly).

A few years ago, all I knew from this city was the red light district and the supposedly insane party and drugs scene with people going bonkers – the hangover style – on stag dos. That was never my kind of thing so A’dam was a long way down my travel bucket list. But then I started following bloggers like Sabrina and Liz who live and work in the city. Their blog posts, instagram shots and iphone snaps somehow made me change my outlook on what Amsterdam was all about. Sure, my initial misconceptions weren’t unfounded but there’s a lot more the city has to offer.

One of the things I absolutely loved was the boats and bikes culture. Pretty much every one seems to have a bike. They ride to go to work, meet with friends, go on a date, do their shopping…etc.

There were also a lot of really cute boats. We were lucky to have an amazing weather pretty much all weekend and we saw lots of families and groups of friends hopping on their boats to go for a little trip while nibbling on some food and enjoying some drinks (my kinda thing!). We actually went on a boat trip ourselves (we used the Canal Hopper if that’s of any interest) and it was such a brilliant way to see the city. I highly recommend it.

So for now, I’m leaving you with a few photos I took of pretty boats and bikes. Speaking of which, the bikes weren’t really that pretty. Most of them actually looked really rusty but I suppose that’s a way to avoid having it stolen (?).

Have you guys been to Amsterdam before? What did you like the most about it?

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