Apéro Friday in Los Angeles

Today’s Apéro Friday is brought to you by Jackie of the J Edition blog. Jackie was born and raised in Los Angeles (lucky her!) and she created her blog this summer. She works full time in Corporate America and she loves reading blogs on her lunch break, which I’m sure we’re all guilty of. Make sure you bookmark J Edition and leave Jackie a nice comment to welcome her in the blogging community!

Jackie and I have the same style and love for food so when she contacted me asking if I’d be interested in a post about a Southern Californian/Mexican-themed apéro with an awesome cocktail recipe, homemade guacamole and the most amazing tacos, I couldn’t possibly say no. I’m sure you’re all drooling over her photos now so without further ado, here’s all you need to know on how to put together a fun, colourful and delicious Mexican-themed apéro for you and your friends.


By the time Friday rolls around, my girl friends and I are in dire need of a cocktail and a chatty debrief on the week. There are 5 of us. We met in college and now we are ambitious career women, working and living in three different neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Almost religiously, we meet up once a week for a movie night or night on the town. After discovering Weekend Wonders, I realized our "pre-game" is the equivalent of apéros. Same concept - a gathering featuring cocktails and snacks before heading out for the night. Excited for my guest post, I hosted a Mexican themed Apéro Friday! Because what could be more appropriate in Southern California? 

We prepared tacos, guacamole, and Sangria. Here are the ingredients you will need for a delicious Sangria Blanca:
1 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc
1/8 cup sherry
1/4 cup Cointreau (also my favorite ingredient in a margarita)
1/4 liter Club Soda

Here are the ingredients for the yummiest tacos:
carne asada (pre-marinated from butcherer) 
multigrain tortillas 
sliced avocado or guacamole
crumbled cotija cheese
mixed greens and red cabbage
salsa of your choice

In case you plan on visiting or live in Los Angeles, here are my absolute favorite Mexican spots:
El Cholo on Western Avenue for food and ambiance 
Mijares in Pasadena for the best mango-blended margarita 
Más Malo in downtown L.A. for tequila 
Best Fish Taco in Los Feliz for fish tacos 

Hope you enjoyed, and special thanks to Weekend Wonders for having me as a guest!!



I’ve come to learn that weekends at the seaside are my favourite type of weekends. There is this saying that goes something like this: “a little sand between your toes always takes away your woes”. To me, this is so true! Being at the seaside always seems to clear my mind, bring a smile on my face and just make me happy in general. Luckily for me, I don’t live far from the coast and there are plenty of great places for me to go to, like the lovely Happisburgh for example. It’s got the cutest candy-striped lighthouse and a long stretch of golden sand. 

We went for a walk there early morning on Sunday and there was barely anyone around. It was like having our own private beach, which I’m definitely not going to complain about. It was a beautiful day, the water was the most stunning shade of blue/green and I spent the whole time jumping in the waves and playing around. I left back feeling happy and energised, which is exactly what I needed after a stressful week.

What about you, what did you do this weekend? 

Easy Summer Blueberry Tart recipe

I’ve got a new recipe for you! It’s easy, ready in just under 15 minutes and it features one of summer’s most scrumptious berries: the blueberry. My mission this weekend: make the most of the last few ones of the season with this easy peasy Summer Blueberry tart. 

Here’s what you need for 4 people: 
1 ready-made all butter sweet pastry case
250g fresh blueberries, rinsed and dried 
120g cream cheese
60ml double cream
1/2 grated lemon zest
1/2 lemon juice 
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
5 teaspoons icing sugar, plus extra for dusting

And here’s how it’s going to work:
1/ Grab your electric mixer and beat the cream cheese until smooth.
2/ Add the cream, lemon zest and the 2 tablespoons of icing sugar. Beat again until smooth
3/ Spread the mixture onto the pastry case. Be gentle, pastry cases can break so easily!
4/ Arrange the blueberries over the filling. 
5/ Gently press the berries into the cream to help them settle.
6/ If you have time, pop the tart in the fridge for a couple of hours or until service.
7/ Dust with icing sugar just before serving. 

Et voila ! 

A tad naughty because of all the cream, I’ll give you that. But it’s the perfect dessert to entertain and finish your meal with a bang. 

Coffee & cake at The Window Coffee

The Window Coffee – 25 Wensum Street. Norwich. thewindowcoffee.com

Rich and I love an easy start to the weekend. One of our favourite things to do is to grab a coffee and pootle into town to do some shopping or have a wander around. Last weekend was no exception; we stopped by this tiny little cafe in Norwich called The Window Coffee. It looks cute, doesn't it? I love the tall windows, the wooden bench outside and the fact that they often have inspirational messages written on a black board near the entrance. I always make sure to check what their message of the day is because it always seems to strike a chord with me.

More importantly, the barista Hayley makes a really good latte, just like I like them: rich, smooth, not too strong and not too weak. I wish I could comment on the other coffees she prepares but I always order the same because it's just perfect for me. On naughty days, I'll treat myself to one of their scrumptious cakes. They're baked fresh everyday by local baker Ruth and the selection changes all the time so I guess you'll just have to keep coming back to see what they have! This time, both Rich and I tried the granola bar. They were melting-in-your-mouth delicious. What more to ask for on a beautiful Saturday morning?

Next time you fancy a good cup of coffee and a yummy treat, you know where to go! 

An afternoon at Holkham beach

If you ever find yourself on the north norfolk coast, you need to plan a stop by Holkham beach. It's where they filmed the closing scenes of Gwyneth Paltrow in the film Shakespeare in Love! We went at low tide and had a walk around before sitting in the sand dunes. It was such a beautiful day. Funnily enough, I prefer this beach under dark clouds. It makes it look more dramatic.

While you're there, make sure you stop by this pub called The Victoria in Holkham for drinks or lunch. The inside is beautiful but I fell in love with their really cute courtyard. I heard you can stay overnight as well so it's great for a weekend escape from the city.