Sunday Notes

Happy Sunday everyone! I haven't written my sunday notes in a while so I thought I'd do a little roundup today with all my recent favourite links. One thing I love about being a blogger is the amount of inspiration you get from this community. It never ceases to amaze me and it keeps me going when I feel like I'm stuck in a blogging rut. I just have to open my web browser and look around!

First link I absolutely must mention is Jessica's incredible fresh mint iced coffee recipe (this is what I'm drinking in the photo). It's good, refreshing and an ideal lazy sunday morning drink. 

One of my favourite social networks lately is Instagram. I have discovered so many bloggers and photographers this way. I've been glued to my feed every day. My favourite users at the moment are Sophie Learmont, Katie Mitchell, Marissa CoxJulia Hengel, and of course the unmissable Jessica Stein who never fails to give me incredible wanderlust throughout the entire year.

Blogger Sophie Learmont started a business with her dad called What To Cook Tonight. Ok that one is not that recent but I'm still in awe of this. She does the photography for it and oh my god, she is good. SO good! The food looks (and I'm sure tastes too) amazing. You guys should check out their website, especially if you're Australian based as they're in  Sydney. It's so fun seeing bloggers I've been following for years getting professional opportunities from blogging or simply finding out what they want to do with their lives. Some decide to set up social media consultancies, others become photographers, others go on to write books. I hope one day I go on to do something very special too. 

Richard and I have been talking a lot about going to Mallorca this summer. We don't really know what to expect as we've been hearing mixed reviews. On paper, it certainly looks amazing. Funnily enough, I discovered this great blog called Let It Be Cosy written by food photographer Rocio. She lives there and her photos are beautiful. Her perspective is also very different because she's based in a little village so not quite in the middle of the whole party scene that I was kind of dreading. It's definitely giving me the final push I needed to go and explore the island. 

Hope you've found these links interesting and hopefully discovered a couple of new bloggers or instagrammers. Wishing you all a  wonderful Sunday! 


HEATWAVE! After the past few couple of weeks, this is a real treat. And Richard and I like treats.  A lot. We wanted to make the most of it so we packed the car and headed to his house in the countryside for a lush barbecue, pimms and a game of French boules in the garden. Best idea ever! I am now writing this blog post a Swedish cider in hand, a big smile on my face and thinking the weekend is starting pretty well. Happy Friday everyone!

Beach weekend part II

I love Southwold. This has to be one of my favourite Suffolk coast towns. It's so quaint and pretty. Have you guys been there yet? 

Beach weekend

I’ve been really fed up with the weather lately. It’s been cold, grey, rainy and windy (all at the same time), which is definitely not the way I like my summers to be. Funny fact: my parents and my sister visited over the weekend and they were all wearing coats. My sister even wore gloves! I know, I know… it’s not been that cold but still colder than what they’re used to (and to be fair, probably colder than I’ll ever get used to). 

On Saturday we took a risk and decided to go to the beach despite the terrible weather forecast. I’m glad we did because we miraculously escaped the various showers that broke throughout the day! All in all, I'd even say it was a lovely day. This is Felixstowe by the way if you’re wondering. Rich grew up not far from here and although it’s not the most exciting place in the region, this has some kind of special meaning to us. Plus, I always hear Felixstowe has got some kind of micro-climate (a sunnier one).

Now I’ve got a question for those of you who know a little bit the East of England. Where are your favourite beaches? Norfolk or Suffolk. 

Apéro Friday


I'm loving summer apéros right now. Actually, let's just scrap dinner. Let's have an evening of gorgonzola cheese and meaty bresaola instead. Parfait

The cocktails you're seeing on the photos are pomegranate and rosemary white sangrias. I found the recipe on but let's face it, I'm rubbish at following recipes so mine didn't turn out quite as nice-looking as hers. I kind of tweaked the recipe as well because I was missing some ingredients. They did taste wonderfully summery regardless. I used Chardonnay, lemonade, lemon juice, orange juice, a spoon of sugar and the sprigs of rosemary along with a few pomegranate seeds. Lush! 

The tartines are simply warm baguette with gorgonzola cheese and a drizzle of honey on top. I added some hazelnuts around because this cheese combined with honey and nuts is absolutely fabulous.  It'd probably work really well with figs too. You should try if you haven't already.

Vegetable crisps are a must when you want to serve something else than your same old same old salted crisps. My favourites ones are the dark purple ones, they're made of beetroot. I also like the sweet potato ones (dark orange). The lighter ones were made of parsnip.

Last but not least, I garnished my platter with some charcuterie because to me an apéro is not an apéro without it. 

I hope you like the look and sound of it! 

Happy Friday 

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