Christmas Market at Tate Modern

If there’s one thing I’m always up for around this time of the year, it’s going to Christmas markets! The smells, the colours, the atmosphere. Everyone’s just happy and having a great time. It’s an instant mood booster to me! It even makes me forget about the cold ;-) Rich and I were in London for the weekend so we couldn’t resist popping by the Tate Modern, where they have this really cute German market going on until Christmas eve. We arrived at the perfect time; the sun was just setting down over St Paul’s cathedral. The sky was all gorgeous blues, oranges and pinks. It was the perfect backdrop for our stroll around the market. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Can't wait for more Christmassy things! 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas is without doubt one of my favourite times of the year. Everything just seems so magical. All the lights, the music, the bubbles, the sparkles… What’s not to love?

I was in London with a friend a couple of weeks ago and we tried to do as many Christmassy things as possible. We had afternoon tea at Le Chalet, which is this super cool pop up rooftop restaurant in Selfridges on Oxford Street. The scones were the best ones I’ve ever had! I’m really tempted to go back next weekend. Nom! We also had a wander around Liberty’s Christmas department. It’s basically an entire floor of gorgeous decorations and fantastic gift ideas. You absolutely must go at some point before Christmas. We also went to the Southbank centre to check out the Christmas market. Oh and we had drinks at Duck & Waffle with the most amazing view over London. My kind of weekend! 

I'm back in London next week and I'd love to do some more Christmassy things. So if you have any suggestions, please do share! 

{Style picks} Christmas Tree Decorations

When it comes to decorating Christmas trees, I like to stick to selected colour schemes. I usually go for silver and white, silver and gold, or gold and copper. Sometimes I’ll add a little bit of bright red, sometimes a little bit of wood but for the most part, my trees tend to be very light-coloured and fairly neutral-looking. My strategy always consists in acquiring a ready-made set of 6 to 8 baubles and then hunt down for quainter stand-alone decorations. 

Something that’s almost as equally important but often forgotten is what you put your Christmas tree in and how you make the base pretty. This year for example, I’m really into big rustic-looking baskets and faux-fur rugs.

So in today's post, I'm sharing with you some of my favourite tree decorations this year and a couple of great styling options for the base of your tree. I couldn’t help but throwing in some of my favourite wrapping papers and other Christmas decorations as well because let’s face it, they make your tree look all the more magical. 

What about you guys, how do you like to decorate your trees for Christmas?

Lovely baubles:

Tree lights:

For the base of your tree:

Great wrapping paper

For the rest of the house:

Black Friday Weekend Sale Picks

Black Friday has found its way to the UK. It’s the first time I’ve noticed such an interest for it over here in England. It was quite scary to see the way some people reacted to the sales! This for example was pure madness. So I kind of let Friday pass without purchasing anything and eventually started looking into shops and online for Christmas gifts and winter essentials yesterday and today. There are some really good deals to be had. You guys probably have all the codes by now so I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve spotted instead. I've already posted about my gift ideas here so I'll focus on winter wear in today's post. I’m also working on another post with the best christmas decorations I’ve seen online. Might as well make the most of all the deals and score some lovely things for your home :)

My picks are all from Mango, ASOS and All Saints. Here's a reminder of the codes for these:
Mango - use code 5BLACK4 to get 30% off (until Sunday 30th midnight)
ASOS - use code CYBERWKND20 to get 20% off (until 02/12 8am gmt)
All Saints - use code CYBER to get 20% off (until 01/12)

I’d love to know what your thoughts were on Black Friday this year and if you’ve bought anything so far? 

Just Lobsters (and other great stuff)

Psstt! There’s a new restaurant in town. I’m really excited about this one because they specialise in lobsters, which is kind of like the food of the gods to me. It’s so tender and incredibly tasty. Growing up in France, I didn’t get to eat many of them. They were always so expensive. We’d usually have them once every few years for Christmas as a treat. But this is all about to change!

The restaurant is called Just Lobsters and is conveniently located a stone's throw away from where I live. Their aim is to bring lobsters to the people at a reasonable price (yayy!) and in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The inside if the building is really cool and has a bit of a shack feel. It’s very convivial and a great place to go to with friends or family.

You’ll find mostly lobster on the menu although they also serve shellfish. The lobster dishes are divided in 2 types: the ones where you have to do all the work and break the shells yourself and the dishes where all the work has already been done for you. Rich and Elodie ordered the half steamed lobster with corn on the cob and I ordered the battered lobster with a spicy sauce. My meal was delicious but breaking the shells looked really fun so I look forward to trying that next time I come over! 

Do you guys like lobsters? 

Just Lobsters - Tombland, Norwich, NR3 1HP